Grant Criteria and Application

Applicants must be adopting through an adoption agency that is registered as an Alberta Charitable Organization. Spirit of Adoption Alberta is a Christian Organization set in place to support families called to adoption for various reasons. Our desire is to provide families who need financial assistance in order to complete their adoption.

In determining whether  Spirit of Adoption Alberta through ABBA Canada will provide a grant to a particular family, the Board considers many things.  Spirit of Adoption Alberta’s vision is to bless as many families as financially possible with the funds available.  We Trust God in our decision making and have been fortunate in His provision.

In allocating funds for grants from the general fund, factors that are important to the Board include: (a) spiritual maturity; (b) worldview; (c) the length and stability of the applicants’ marriage (but grants have been made to both young and old!); (d) church involvement;  (e) how much of their own money the applicants are putting into the adoption. (f) Spirit of Adoption Alberta makes special consideration for single parents adopting. We will do everything in our capacity to support as many applicants as possible but do the board does not state its reasons for denying assistance to any particular family. Decisions can be difficult and are usually dependent on resources on hand.

Adoption Financial Resources...

The adoption journey is a wonderful and miraculous experience, yet along the way there will be obstacles to overcome. For many families, the financial hurdle may be the most difficult one to conquer. Those who are not familiar with the process may easily become frustrated or disheartened with the costs associated with adoption. While many families have room in their hearts and homes for a child, they all too often become discouraged and do not answer the call to adopt due to monetary concerns. Spirit of Adoption Alberta is working to help with the financial burden of adoption. Click on the link below to apply for a grant through Spirit of Adoption Alberta: A Division of ABBA Canada.

How to Apply

Step 1: Download the application.

Step 2: Fill out the application.

Step 3: Three references must be received by Spirit of Adoption Alberta prior to review of your application. References should include your Pastor, an employer/co-worker and friend. Reference forms are included as the last three pages of the application form and should be completed and mailed to Spirit of Alberta Alberta by your references. Mail to: Spirit of Adoption Alberta: A Division of ABBA CANADA  c/o Susan St. Martin 12708 39 Ave Edmonton, AB T6J 0N4

Step 4: Make a copy of your home study and your most recent tax return to include with the application. We will not review your application until we receive these items.

Step 5: Mail the completed application, reference list, and copies of your home study and tax return to:  Spirit of Adoption Alberta: A Division of ABBA CANADA  c/o Susan St. Martin 12708 39 Ave Edmonton, AB T6J 0N4

Step 6: Pray that God will grant  Spirit of Adoption Alberta and ABBA Canada board of directors wisdom as we complete the review process and funding to increase our capacity to make loans.

Step 7: Wait to hear from an ABBA Canada representative. Someone will contact you either by email or phone to let you know if we can assist you. 

ABBA Canada
Attn: Tamara Hull
#120 – 5501 204th St.
Langley, BC, Canada
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